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Latitude: 26.6617397°N

Longitude: -82.2125942°W

Useppa Island is a distinctive location rich in history and natural beauty, catering to those seeking a peaceful retreat with a backdrop of historical significance. The island’s story extends back to the Calusa Indians, its first inhabitants, whose remnants still hint at their ancient society. Over the centuries, the island has seen Spanish explorers, pirates, and settlers, each adding to its historical tapestry.

In the 20th century, entrepreneur Barron Collier transformed the island into an exclusive haven, attracting notable figures and hosting significant events, including playing a role during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The island’s museum now preserves its diverse history, allowing visitors to explore its layered past.

Today, Useppa is a private resort known for its exclusivity and serene, vehicle-free environment. It maintains its tranquility, offering guests a blend of luxury and natural beauty. The Collier Inn stands as a testament to this, providing fine dining that reflects the island’s elegance. Activities such as boating, fishing, and nature walks allow guests to connect with the surrounding pristine environment and wildlife.

In essence, Useppa Island combines historical richness, privacy, and natural splendor, providing a unique, tranquil experience where the past enriches the present, luxury integrates with nature, and every visit contributes to the visitor’s personal story.