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Get ready for an enchanting evening at the 86th annual Festival of Light on February 17th. Immerse yourself in the Southeast’s largest night parade as it unfolds with national participants, local bands, floats, and more. This two-hour spectacle is not just a parade; it’s a celebration of community spirit and creativity. Bring your friends and family to witness the magic and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Following this captivating event, mark your calendar for March 9th, as we host Insetta’s Demo Day at the Marina. Explore the cutting-edge design and revolutionary Hydrofoil Technology of the 35 IFC Insetta Boats, redefining the boating experience with enhanced fuel efficiency. Join us for a close-up view and, with a reservation, the exclusive chance to experience a ride on one of these extraordinary vessels. Be part of the maritime evolution and immerse yourself in the excitement of Insetta’s Demo Day.

As you continue to enjoy your boating experience, ensure your vessel is well-prepared for storage after your fun-packed day on the water. Our ultimate boat storage checklist provides you with expert guidance to keep your boat in optimal condition during downtime. Boating with confidence has never been easier – follow our advice and ensure your boat is ready for you the next time the water calls!